Hi I'm Kyra. This is part of a real event that happened instead of a human it was my cat, you'll see in a few paragraphs. I am 11 years old, I have 3 step brothers and a half sister. One of them, a few months older (Branden) and one 2 years older (Rich). This is a twisted and grotesque version of what really happened, with i will post at the bottom when this story is over, thank you!

"Hey! Give it back!" I yelled at my older brother

He grinned and teasingly waved the DS above me.

"You have to get it from me!"

"MOM!" I screamed.

His smirk disappeared as he tried to make me quit screaming.

"Shh, Shh! If you shut up I'll give you ten bucks!" he said frantically.

I stopped and held out my hand, motioning for the money. He glared at me as he slammed a ten dollar bill into my hand. And that's when we heard the door open, we quickly made ourselves look normal, my moms head popping through, with a concerned look she said,

"What happened?"

I looked at her and smiled saying "Oh, it's nothing! Just wanted to say I love you"

She rolled her eyes and said "Whatever Kyra, I love you too. Oh and Caty said she's coming over tomorrow"

My eyes lit up at the sound of my best friends name, I got up and started to celebrate cause well, she's my only friend.

"You look retarded" Branden said.

"Branden! Get your ass downstairs and tell your father what you just said!" My mom yelled

I saw a look of fear in his eyes, I stopped dancing and looked at him sympathetically, my step father (his father) was very abusive, and whenever we got in trouble we would get beaten with a belt, but if your my brothers... A lot worse comes after that.

"No! Mom! It's okay, he was joking around! He didn't mean it!" I said frantically trying to help him.

"Nope, Branden, downstairs. Now" she said with a final look in her eyes.

It was hard to sleep that night.


I woke up the sound and feeling of my friend Caty yelling at me to wake up as she jumped on me.

"OW! CATY!" I rolled away from the attack and tackled her. My brown hair flying and blonde hair in my face.

"Quit it Kyra! Hahaha! That tickles!" she giggled out.

I got off of her and grabbed my clothes and booked it to the bathroom. After I had gotten dressed we went outside into the field, avoiding the broken creepy house. I looked in disdain at her clothes, zebra socks with pink shoes, a black shirt and blue jeans.

"You always mismatch!" I teased her

"And you always wear black!" she shot back, and then her eyes lit up.

I looked at her cautiously as she said

"I dare you to go into that horse stall"

I looked at her confused "Horse stall?"

She pointed at the creepy house, a malicious grin on her face as she commented

"Yeah, the old one, looks like it housed a horse or two"

I said with a quaver in my voice "As long as you go with me"

We both headed over to the house. a chill taking over the warm spring breeze, the smell of the oncoming summer, sweet and fresh, replaced with the smell of rot and death. As we reached the doorway we saw old horse bones and small animals bones crowding the floor, Caty being the ultimate horse lover averted her eyes from the rotting pile and pointed to the stall door.

All of them were open except one, as we went to open it I heard a shout. And my brothers came rushing in.

"Good! You're okay" Rich said

I glared at him and snapped "And when did you start caring" (I hated him the most)

He shot me a disgusted look and panted out "We saw this.. this corpse like thing walking over here and since you stood up for Branden yesterday, we decided to come and see if you guys were okay" he explained. Him and Branden holding up their hunting rifles.

"O-oh um well we were about to open up that stall door" Caty pointed out.

He motioned for me to open it and as soon as my hand touched the handle and cold wind blasted through the room and what sound like groan. I fearfully slammed the sliding door open and jumped back, my brothers training their rifles on the corpse that was laying there, as I held back Caty's hair and she threw up, my brothers gasped.

I looked up and screamed, the corpse had gotten up, it's eyes glowing red and maggots falling out of it's flesh. My brothers shot at it and told us to run as soon as we had exited the building, my brothers on our heels, occasionally firing a bullet to slow the damned creature. We had jumped the fence, the boys yelling at me to not look behind us. I looked. I gaped at the scene in front of me, over a three dozen creatures had come up, following us. I ran faster, my brothers held open the door for me and Caty and started firing again.

They soon followed as the things still slowly progressed, my stupid drunken stepfather ran out there blasting random shots with his shotgun, when they had reached within a yard a went to run back inside but slipped. Five of the creatures began tearing the flesh from his body, him screaming and still firing that damned gun as he lured more of them out of the hell they came from.

My mom barred the doors and armed up with knives, guns, and silencers. My little sister crying, and then we had a name for these things, Zombies. The most feared abomination. And that was the beginning of the Apocalypse. I am now 16, my mother, and brothers survived along with my now 5 year old sister. We are cornered... This is the end.


I hope you enjoyed! It's a long ways away from the truth! Now this is the true story of that house:


Whenever I would go into that field I always saw the creepy old rotting house just sitting there. I always stayed at least 10 yards away from it. But one day me and my friend were playing back there, and she said

“I dare you to go in there”

I had no choice now, I had to go. I looked at it, a rotten smell emanating from within. I sighed as I walked across the field to the house. I got within a foot of it and saw that it was a horse stall, about three horses could stand in there comfortably.

I touched the doorway and felt the splinters from the wood grind into my hand. I took a deep breath and gagged on the stale rotten air. As I walked into one of the stalls I saw one of the foxes that usually pounce and play around in the fields, he looked at me, growled then ran out. I went to see what it was bending over and almost ran out screaming.

There was a dead cat laying there completely ripped open, I recognized the tabby fur, it was my cat Trouble. I sank down to my knees and watched as the maggots crept through his flesh. He went missing three weeks ago. I grabbed a cloth and wrapped him in it, when I finally wrapped him up I had taken 10 minutes, I was walking out and bumped into her, and she looked at the broken bundle in my arms. I felt tears start to well up as I choked out my cat’s name. We both solemnly walked back to the house.

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